Mary Jane LaBelle Educational Scholarship

It is safe to say that AAMAS would not be in existence if not for the long-time support and hard work of Mary Jane LaBelle (MJ). 

As a way to honor MJ’s legacy, the AAMAS Board of Directors has created the Mary Jane LaBelle Educational Scholarship.  This $250 scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving AAMAS member in order to pursue educational opportunities, including AAMAS conference registration.

HER LEGACY:  Mary Jane is a founding member of the National Medical Cost Containment Association (NMCCA) which later became the American Association of Medical Audit Specialists (AAMAS.  She was its 1st president. This does not begin to describe what she has meant to this association.  MJ was a major architect of the original CMAS exam and when AAMAS was still a new association, she came back as the 3rd president.  When AAMAS was on the brink of extinction, she came back as the 12th president to help revive and keep us moving forward, helping to create the new Certified Clinical Financial Auditor (CCFA) designation. 

Mary Jane began her auditing career at Republic Service Bureau in the early 80’s.   She then started the first of many audit companies, LaBelle Evaluations and Evaluations Plus.  They were followed by L&H Associates, Data-Metrix, and Escalate Medical Financial Consultants.  In between, she served as Director of the Hospital Bill Audit division at Concentra where she directed and implemented the Hospital Bill Audit Program, Special Investigative Review Program, and Contract Compliance Auditing Program.

AAMAS could always count on MJ’s audit companies for financial support as Platinum Sponsors at every conference including paying for her employees’ memberships and conference registrations.  As an audit company business owner, MJ always valued education for her employees, and provided annual onsite meetings to address audit issues.

Besides her involvement with AAMAS, she has been an active participant in her church and community.  She has served as President of the League of Women Voters, a member of the Port Orford Ambulance Council, and in her church choir; all while working full time.

The words, Thank You, do not begin to cover how grateful we are for her years of service to AAMAS. We continue to wish her the best, as that is what she has always given AAMAS!


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