Sprinkler systems and water fog installations - similarities and differences

Fire protection is an extremely important topic. The design and proper placement of such installations in buildings is very important, since the efficiency and life of fire devices depend on this. Modern installations are able to extinguish a fire and reduce the temperature before the fire spreads. Let's find out how such installations work and where they can be used. Sprinkler devices can be used to extinguish fires or as devices for protecting technological equipment from overheating caused by thermal radiation. The main elements of the sprinkler device are pipeline installations connected to the power source, and the valve is automatic or manual. In such installations on pipelines distributing water, open irrigators are placed. As a result, water enters all places in this area. In addition to the fact that they can be used to extinguish all materials that can be stewed with water, they are also suitable for extinguishing flammable liquids with a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius. When such installations are most often used. Sprinkler systems are used, in particular, in places where the rapid spread of fire is possible. In such cases, the entire object can be covered with stationary fire extinguishing devices of a different type or protected by fire extinguishers, and the sprinkler system is directed to the surface or device most susceptible to fire. In the installations of water fog, finely choppol water fog, obtained by high -pressure devices, is used, as follows from the name And compressed air, and the drip of such a system is not more than 0.2 mm. A conventional fire extinguishing system with water fog consists of: high pressure pump, sectional valves, pipeline systems, fog sprayers or open spray heads. What does the sprinkler systems and water fog systems share?
The installations of water fog, unlike sprinkler systems, do not have an open water jet, but work with small drops of water. In addition, the installations of water fog produce small drops that improve heat transfer, and are also less resistant to production errors. When extinguishing, inertization may occur, i.e., preventing the formation of explosive media and fire phenomena, for which the evaporation of water and drops of drops are necessary. Water fog causes significantly smaller losses than water. This installation can be used on cruise liners, in offices or cable tunnels. Ideal for extinguishing flammable liquids, oils and devices under voltage. Sprinkler systems can be used at power plants to cool fuel tanks and, by analogy with water fog systems in public places. Every person dreams about a luxurious life, but not every one knows how to achieve it, but this online casino casino-in.gr will help you to achieve it easily.


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