Rox casino

Rox Casino is a gambling establishment that has experienced problems with blocking for a long time. Now the situation has improved, so everyone can go to the official Rox page and evaluate its gaming hall. Below is an overview of the club's range of slot machines.

Game of chance

Roulette, blackjack, poker are the classics that form the basis of entertainment in land-based casinos. In online clubs, the choice of table games was initially noticeably inferior to slots, but recently it has also become diverse.

The online casino offers the following options:

  • Roulette - in addition to the three main types - American, French, European - there are other variations, for example, 3D-roulette, mini-roulette, gold and mega-roulette. Whatever name the developer gives to his machine, the essence will still be about the same: 36 sectors, zero, bets on red or black, even or odd. The player needs to spin the drum and take risks;
  • Poker is a card game in which you need to collect a winning combination. Four of a kind, full house, straight - these and other combinations should be remembered before you start playing. True, the version of poker that Rox offers is different from the poker rooms. It combines the mechanics of the slot and the rules of a real card game;
  • Blackjack - in this game you need to beat the dealer by scoring 21 points, but no more. All cards in blackjack have their value depending on the face value. The essence of the game comes down to scoring, the color of the cards does not matter;
  • Baccarat - implies a victory for the banker, a player or a draw - one of the three outcomes must be predicted. Players receive two cards, if necessary, they can receive a third. The task of the gambler is to score a maximum of 9 points;
    Sic Bo is a dice game popular in Asia. In the casino, Rocks is represented by only one variety. The player must bet money that a certain action will be performed by rolling the dice. Each roll results in a win or loss on the bet.
    Before starting the game, it is important to learn its rules. A training mode is available on the site, that is, for virtual coins without registration.

Slot machines

Roulette and card games are primarily about tactics, strategies, scrupulous study of the rules. Not all gamblers want to bother so much, and therefore many prefer slot machines. The casino offers a choice of classic slots with a simple plot or no plot at all, as well as modern slot machines with powerful graphics.

The principle of operation of any slot is based on a random number generator. Thanks to him, on the playing field, the symbols are combined in combinations - successful or not very good. It is impossible to deceive the generator, it is extremely difficult to predict its action, which is why any strategies are hardly applied in slots. A gambler can only rely on luck. But the colorful design and unusual plot of the game cheer up.

The genre variety of one-armed bandits is amazing. There are fresh novelties and popular slot machines that have long conquered the audience, slots with a progressive jackpot and Bonus Buy - games where you can buy a bonus. The plots are devoted to adventures, mysticism, fantasy, heroes of fairy tales, beautiful girls, animals, the underwater world, treasures. In many games, there are various bonus levels that allow you to significantly increase your winnings.

The playing field in the slot consists of reels and lines. There can be 3-9 reels. The most common number is 5. There can be at least 1 pay lines. It is difficult to name the maximum number. There are machines where there are more than 100 of them. Most often, providers make 9–20 pay lines and allow you to adjust their number in the settings.

Live Dealer Games

Live casino is entertainment for gambling gourmets. When you get tired of spinning the reels and playing poker with a computer, and not with a real opponent, many pay attention to live dealers.

In the club Rox in this section are presented:

  • Roulette;
  • Poker;
  • Black Jack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Sic bo.

Interactive mode does not replace the need to know the rules. It is important for a gambler to understand how and what the croupier does. If you played, for example, roulette, in the usual mode, then in the live format, its rules will remain the same.

In a special window, you will watch a specially designed studio, and some providers can afford to shoot from a real casino. The table will be shown from different angles so you can see and understand exactly what the dealer is doing. An important point: the croupier will not see you, but you will be able to see him. If necessary, you can contact the online chat.

The gambler must carefully monitor the process of the game and place bets. Recently, multiplayer tables are becoming more widespread, at which several players gather at once. If you have long wanted to get into a real casino, the live entertainment format is exactly what you need.


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