Playing at a casino with low or zero wagering requirements: 5 essential things to remember


When you want to choose an online casino, you consider several elements including bonuses. In terms of bonuses, it is not just a question of looking at the percentage and the amount offered. We must also focus on the conditions. It happens that some casinos offer bonuses with fairly low wagering requirements or even without wagering requirements. Players will tend to go to these kinds of sites. If you are an inexperienced player , here is some information you should know about casinos offering low or no wagering requirements. You can start play any time at

What is a casino with low or no wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are requirements that come with bonuses. You must complete them to be able to withdraw the bonus you have obtained. In fact, you have to roll over the bonus and sometimes the deposited amount a number of times before you have the chance to withdraw.

 When we say that the wagering requirements are low, it means that the number of times to put the bonus into play is not high. The casino may even allow you to make withdrawals directly without having to put the winnings from the bonus into play and there we are talking about zero wagering requirements. 

Choosing a casino with low or zero wagering requirements

While it's true that finding casinos with no wagering requirements isn't easy will definitely help you find some good providers. This type of casino does not swarm on the market and the search can take you time.

You must of course make sure that the establishment does not require any conditions on its bonus. For this, you need to read the bonus conditions carefully. Once this criterion is validated, you can now consider the other elements that will make this establishment a quality gaming house. These are the license and the security, the games available, the means of payment available, the responsiveness of the customer service. 

Remember that scams exist on the internet. Some fake casinos will want to entice you with this attractive offer. It is for this reason that you must insist a lot on the presence of a license.

A more accessible type of casino for new players

Beginners in the field of online casinos do not always master all the contours of the thing. Even when they learn what the bonus conditions are, it can be difficult for them to achieve them. Bringing your bonus into play 30 times, for example, within a week is not easily achievable for everyone, especially for novices.

The ideal is therefore to opt for a casino that offers bonuses without wagering conditions or with fairly low wagering requirements. The player can obtain his bonus and the winnings directly or put it back into play if he wishes. If you decide to use your winnings to gamble, you can do so stress-free. You can even use it to test games and learn how to play. 

Bonuses that can be without wagering requirements

Casino bonuses can come in different ways and have different names. All of these offers can be with fairly low conditions or even without wagering conditions. Among the bonuses with no wagering requirement, there are: 

  • Free Spins 
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Etc. 

When we take the example of free spins, instead of playing again with the winnings that you make with the free spins, you will cash the money directly. Same for the other bonuses that you won't have to give dozens of times. 

A bonus with no wagering requirement can never be withdrawn without being played

Do you like everything that has been said and you will like to test the bonuses without requirement? That's fine, make sure you're playing on a platform that guarantees your safety . The other thing absolutely to keep in mind is that the bonus, whatever its form, can never be withdrawn without being rolled over. If you get €50 unconditional bonus for example, you cannot just withdraw this amount from your bank account. You put it back into play and withdraw the winnings. If you get 20 free spins, these are the winnings that will be credited to your real money balance.

Moreover, this type of bonus is rarely cashable. This means that before giving you the winnings, the casino will deduct the amount of their bonus. Returning to the example of €50, we assume that you make a gain of €80. You will be allowed to withdraw the remaining €30. That said, some bonuses may be cashable. Read the casino terms and conditions. 

In conclusion

Bonuses with low or zero wagering requirements are a clear favorite with players. You should take advantage of it if you get the chance. However, be sure to read the conditions surrounding them to be sure to select the best offers.


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