How to choose wooden toys for children from 2 years old

Thanks to modern new products, raising babies has become both easier and much more complicated. Thanks to computers and “smart” TVs, the child can watch cartoons for hours, being distracted only by food. As a mother, I know that it is very convenient and significantly simplifies the housework, which can be very, very much. But when it suddenly cuts out time and parents want to play with a child or read a book for him, children are often quite boring - interactive tales on tablets seem to them much more interesting. In addition, such entertainment affect the development of the baby, and not in the best way. How to change the situation for the better and more actively participate in the development of the child? Choose the right toys! Many can be considered such a radical method, but today the good old wooden ones are becoming more and more popular, catching up with indisputable leaders - colorful plastic toys and gadgets. Pushing out of the heads of adults that very phrase about difficult childhood, wooden toys help fidgets develop imagination, motor skills, improve their speech and know the world with the help of environmentally friendly material - natural wood. What should you pay attention to when raising a two -year -old child? There are many things, there are many things, which you must harmoniously develop in a child - both imagination and the ability to distinguish colors and sounds. All this can be done using the right wooden toys. Many of those products made of wood that will meet you on the shelves and in Internet vitrins simultaneously with several tasks, which is right for modern babies. Cubes and simple designers, for example, should appear in the room of any child at the very early age-with The child can train his fingers from 7-8 months with the help of cubes. Wooden designers will help the child deal with forms and figures, with his help both boys and girls will be able to build both simple buildings and whole small cities. If you think about what wooden toys for children from 2 years old, here is an approximate list toys that a child should have at this age and further as they grow older:- sets of vegetables and fruits- figures of animals (real, not fictional)- different types of dolls (those that can be "dressed" in different clothes)- a simple designer And these toys can easily be found, if not in a local store, then in a wide assortment on the Internet. Made with care for children and their health, such toys will not harm and last much longer compared to plastic analogues. The converse of a common opinion, the toys should not be strictly divided into "boy" and "girls" - laying the doll to sleep or katai beloved bear on the bear typewriter, children know the world and copy the actions of their parents, which always benefits the kids. Of course, wooden toys will not glow like a Christmas tree or to ride an apartment on their own (although there are such models in the modern market toys), but it is precisely They will help the child learn to revive them with their own imagination.

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