How to calculate concrete for the foundation

Before proceeding with the construction of the house, you must have a finished project in hand. It is impossible to build the house “by eye”, relying on the popular “maybe” that experience or knowledge will help to cope with the problem. In order for the construction to begin systematically and on time, a competent project drawn up by a specialist with a list of construction work, which should be carried out first of all. The number of such work includes the foundation. No wonder he is called the heart at home. The foundation is the basis of the entire structure and the key to its durability. It will depend on the quality of the foundation how much the house will be simple, what shrinkage will give, whether the cracks and defects of the facade will appear in it, and finally, when a complete general repair is needed. The basis of the foundation is concrete - one of the most important building materials, without which it is not only impossible to start laying the foundation, but also to build the whole house entirely. Studies to the construction of the whole house, the foundation is most carefully considering. It is for this purpose that the necessary type of foundation is chosen, which is most suitable for this type of project and building materials that you will be used to build the house itself. The foundation, as a rule, is slab, strip and columnar. The basis for choosing the type of foundation is primarily the soil, since for different soils a different type of foundation is selected. A tile foundation is integral. This is a large stove on the basis of which the base is being built. The area of ​​the slab foundation is calculated individually, but for it they most often use from 3 to 3.6 cubic meters of concrete. In order to correctly calculate the amount of concrete for the foundation of the tape type, you need to know the width of the tape. And also calculate its height and length. The width depends on the area, and the area depends on which area you intend to build. The stealing foundation consists of exactly located poles. It is for the diameter of the pillars that a concrete solution is required. For the preparation of concrete mixtures, crushed stone is used. You can calculate its correct amount depending on the cross -sectional area of ​​the pillars used. This figure is individual, there is no approximate amount. The amount of concrete is calculated for each specific case, taking into account the errors. But there is some formula that can be displayed precisely for the columnar foundation. The amount of concrete, which is required to fill one pillar, must be multiplied by the total number of all pillars in the foundation. This will be an approximate amount of the necessary concrete. Forget about what you remembered about online casinos, it's completely different everything has changed a long time ago, and the online casino is the best for this.


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