How to play for free at an online casino?


Play for free at an online casino

Online casinos are digitized gaming establishments that allow many Internet users to play from home. For a better user experience, they offer their customers a comprehensive and varied toy library. The majority of the games offered by these service providers are chargeable and require a minimum bet set by the establishment itself. However, some entertainment remains free and you can access it by receiving a bonus or by playing in demo mode. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different means and what are the conditions for applying them? Here are the key takeaways from this guide.

Casino games in demo mode: what are they?

Game publishers put on their site or on online casinos, an unfinished version of entertainment. It used to be the demo videos that just showed the player how to play a particular game. For additional information on this game, you can consult the discussion forums or sites specialized in online casinos like

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In the case of a demo casino game , the player serves as a tester and can issue opinions on the ergonomics of the game, the design and many other aspects that allow the finalization of the latter. To get there :

  • go to an online casino and create a demo account;
  • choose the “play money” option;
  • then define the entertainment as well as the fictitious amount to be allocated.

Note that some casinos may assign you an unreal bankroll automatically. Finally, start your game with peace of mind.

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Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are advantages offered to players by casinos to allow them to play with real money. They are numerous and depend on the chosen gambling establishment.

The no deposit bonus

When you are registered on the online gaming platform, you receive a code or a link in your email that you apply to a specific game to play. The code is only valid once and you have to choose the entertainment carefully to be able to enjoy it. Remember that the no deposit bonus is a gift of virtual money.

Free spins

Still known as free spins , they most often concern slot machines. Choose the one you like and press the start button to spin the reels and hit the jackpot. There are free spins with and without deposit. In the first case, you have the option of withdrawing the winnings provided you place a bet and complete the requested number of spins.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are granted to new players after they register on the gaming platform. This is a percentage that is offered on the first real money deposit. This allows them to participate in several games and double the bet for a bigger win.

Playing casino games for free: advantages and disadvantages

Each of the two methods proposed above has positive points and negative points that should be detailed.


Casino games in demo mode are completely free and require no wagering . You can play as many times as you want. Some casinos may require you to pre-register but others may not. Also called fun play, the demo mode allows you to play several entertainments in order to choose the one on which you want to make a real bet.

Casino bonuses are a great way to master the techniques and mechanics of entertainment . Beginners will be able to become professionals and the latter will be able to refine their strategies. The goal is to limit the loss percentages during a real game session.
It should still be remembered that the methods for playing free casino games most often concern poker games or slot machines. Take the opportunity to test the volatility of the slot machine. You can also use its advantages to also compare the theoretical distribution rate of new games.

A free casino game allows you to preserve your anonymity because you do not seal any agreement with the casino. It is therefore the perfect alternative for those who wish to play in secret. In summary, playing casino games for free allows you to be a seasoned player at all levels when engaging in a game with real money.

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Playing free casino games may have some irregularities in demo mode as they are not the final versions. You can therefore note a bug concerning the loading which may be too slow. It can also be an interruption during a game .
These are factors that can be frustrating. The second drawback concerns the impossibility of withdrawing winnings . If a casino, for example, allows you to play a slot machine in demo mode, when you trigger the jackpot, you cannot request a withdrawal of the amount won.
It is a system that is based on virtual money, so any withdrawal operation is impossible. Your victories will remain good memories and it may tire you very quickly. Some games are controlled by foreign sites. In these cases, your IP address may be blocked depending on your location. In this case, you will have to install other software to access it, which can be restrictive. Free casino games do not include live games.
You will therefore not have a live dealer for example for a game of poker. Depending on the site chosen, you may notice an invasion of advertising messages that make the user experience bad. Finally, it should be noted that not all casinos offer this alternative to players. You must therefore take this criterion into account in your research.

How to play for free at casinos?

Do you plan to master the strategies of a casino game without using your bankroll? It is possible to play free entertainment by opting either for the demo mode or by taking advantage of the casino bonuses. To do this, you must register at the casino that suits you in order to benefit from the bonuses. When choosing your online service provider, use online comparators or discussion forums to find those who offer one of the two methods mentioned in this guide.


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