Are you addicted to gambling? - 5 warning signs

At, you're as careful to emphasize all the benefits of online gambling as you are to emphasize that you should gamble for the right reasons.
Are you unsure if your gambling is out of control? We list five warning signs.
Gambling addiction has grown at an alarming rate in recent years. "Online casino gambling should be most associated with joy and fun," emphasizes. Here are five signs that you are at risk:

 1. You are only playing to win.

An important question to ask yourself before logging on to a gaming site is: Why am I playing? You should play because it's fun, exciting and relaxing. If you are playing to win back the money you lost, you need to stop.

 2. You can't stop thinking about gaming.

You can't stop thinking about your previous gaming experience, the next game, or how to get money to be able to play even more.

 3. You can't limit your playing time.

You think you're going to play for a while, but suddenly realize that most of the day has passed. Gambling limits important areas of your life such as family, work, and friends.

4. The stakes get higher and higher. 

 You're looking for more and more trouble. A couple of hundred bucks is no longer enough to get high. To keep the tension going, the amounts to play with gradually increase.

5. You lie about your gambling. 

You hide and de-dramatize your gambling to those around you. You also lie to yourself and tell yourself that you have the situation under control.

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