All about taxes on winnings at online casinos in Belarus

All about taxes on winnings at online casinos in Belarus

Taxes on winnings at online casinos in Belarus There is a little confusion with taxes on casino winnings in australian online casino On the one hand, there is the Tax Code, which states that citizens must pay 4% on winnings from gambling. On the other hand, if you study this issue deeper, some sources speak of a tax of 13%. Surprisingly, both versions are correct. If in Russian legislation there is one tax on any gambling winnings, then in Belarus it is all about the online casinos australia Clause 5, 173 article of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus states: The rate of personal income tax is set at 4 percent in respect of income in the form of winnings (returned unplayed bets) received by individuals from gambling organizers - legal entities of the Republic of Belarus %s... The last words"legal entities of the Republic of Belarus" are the key here. The fact is that in Belarus, like in Russia, it is forbidden to organize online gambling. Therefore, there simply cannot be online operators that could be registered in the country. Someone claims that Article 173 applies to both land-based and online casinos, but there is no evidence of this in the legislation. Since the article emphasizes that a legal entity must be in the Republic of Belarus, then online casinos cannot fall into this category. Online casino winnings are classified as income derived from sources outside of the Republic of Belarus. And they are subject to the standard tax rate of 13%. When and how to pay? In accordance with Article 172 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus, income is fixed on the day when the online casino transfers money to your account %s... That is, not actually when you received your winnings and not when you cashed out. You cannot deduct bets that you lost to determine the taxable base. Let's say you deposited $ 200, lost $ 100, and then won $ 300, which were then withdrawn. The tax will need to be paid from $ 300, that is, $ 39 ($ 300x13%). If you want to deduct the lost $ 100, then it would be wrong, moreover, it would be a violation of the law. Anything you withdraw from an online casino will be taxed even if this amount includes your deposit. Only if you can prove that the money did not participate in the game, you can avoid paying taxes on it. After you withdraw money from the casino, you have until March 1 of the next year to submit a declaration, and still until May 15 to pay tax %s... If the conclusions are in foreign currency, then the following rule applies (clause 6, article 156 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus): On this topic Secrets of the roulette game: what works and what does not Bank of the Republic of Belarus, established on the date of actual receipt of income. What if you don't pay? For deliberate understatement of the tax base, as well as tax evasion, punters can pay a fine, the maximum punishment is seven years in prison. Everything will depend on the amount of the unpaid tax. Major damage is considered to be more than 1,000 times the base value. Extra large - 2,500x base units. The base value for today is 24.5 rubles. Note to Russians While I was studying taxation issues in Russia and Belarus, I noticed on some forums that land-based casinos in Belarus send data on winnings to the tax authorities of Russia if they have Russian punters %s... As a result, Russians are notified that they must pay tax on their winnings. Can pay 4% tax? At the moment, paying 4% of winnings at an online casino would be a violation. But in September 2017, the government considered the possibility of legalizing online casinos. Yuri Pisakov, head of the gambling department of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus, said then that in case of legalization of online gambling, punters will pay 4% of the winnings. But this is on condition that the winnings will be received from Belarusian operators. Yuri Pisakov also confirmed that now online casino punters pay 13% tax. The issue of legalizing online casinos in Belarus is still open, and a decision is expected in the next few years.


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