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Membership in AAMAS facilitates an open exchange of information among health care providers, medical audit professionals, and payers regarding the field of medical audit through networking not only at our conferences but also on a daily basis. AAMAS provides educational opportunities through our annual conference and through our website. We provide quarterly newsletters with helpful information on current medical topics. Membership in AAMAS gives you the opportunity to become a Certified Medical Audit Specialist® which gives you recognition and credibility in your profession. Career opportunities are available on the website. As a member, if you are looking for employment, you may market yourself under career opportunities gratis. You may download a membership application and mail it to the AAMAS corporate office.

Because our members are very valuable to us and we want to express our appreciation of all that they do to foster AAMAS, we have established a Member Referral Program to recognize and reward them. The referral periods runs from January 1st through December 31st. AAMAS gift certificates will be awarded to members who refer new members. The amount of the gift certificate will be determined by how many new members are referred: $50 for 2 new members; $100 for 4 new members; $150 for 5 or more new members. The awards are non-transferable and must be redeemed within one (1) years of date of receipt. The recipient must be an active member of AAMAS. The membership applications are being revised and will contain a space where the new member can list who referred them. (i.e. “Referred by _______________.”) In order to qualify, the recipient must be an active member of AAMAS and the AAMAS member’s name must be on the Membership application when it is submitted.


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