AAMAS Awards

AAMAS Founder’s Award

The “AAMAS Founder’s Award” is a highly prestigious award intended to recognize an individual who has made major contributions to the American Association of Medical Audit Specialists. The recipient is a person whose unique, diverse and distinctive contributions to AAMAS will enrich members in years to come.

Past Winners

2018 recipient Janet Hazlett
2016 recipient Allen Shane
2015 recipient Beverly Coleman
2014 recipient Leslie Trainor
2013 recipient Ruth Gahan
2012 recipient Nelda Fetters
2011 recipient Susan Palmer
2010 recipient Theresa Crothers
2009 recipient Marilyn Balcita
2008 recipient Mary Jane LaBelle
2007 recipient Barbara Thompson

Maria Petz Auditor of the Year Award

The “Maria Petz Auditor of the Year Award” award is presented yearly in recognition of an auditor who demonstrates excellence in audit skills and execution of these skills in the workplace. To learn more about this award and to submit a nomination, please click here to access the nomination form.

Past Winners

2018 recipients Katie Stanford & Karen Cooper
2017 recipient Knyvett Decorte
2016 recipient Amy Armstrong
2015 recipient David Eklof
2014 recipient William Malm
2013 recipient Jody Lazarus Taylor
2012 No award given
2011 recipient Mary Jane Stratman
2010 recipient Ernie King
2009 recipient Susan Palmer
2008 recipient Neta Morse
2007 recipient Pat Bagley


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