Renewing CMAS®

Why recertify?

  • Shows the level of knowledge maintained after initial certification
  • Reflects the desires of your professionalism to expand knowledge in the rapidly changing environment
  • Demonstrates skill level to colleagues and employers
  • Validates your practice and helps to advance the field of auditing
  • Provides evidence for current knowledge of changing regulations, guidelines and best practices

Recertification Requirements

Certification expires 3 years after being notified of successful completion of the examination.
To recertify, the following conditions must be met:

  • Continuous membership in a revenue integrity organization or quality management organization
  • Complete 24 hours of CEUs during certification period
  • CEUs must be obtained within 36 months of the date on your approval notification letter
  • Certificates of successful completion for CEU activities must be submitted with application to verify eligibility
  • CEUs may be obtained through AAMAS or other approved organizations

Need more credits to recertify? View the Resource Library for updated Educational Opportunities

Random samples of CEU documentation are selected for audit during recertification. The renewal application, the CMAS® Continuing Education Tracking Form, and complete information about recertification are found in the Recertification Handbook.

Request past CEU certificates for a $25 fee.


image Recertification Application
image Recertification Handbook

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