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The CMAS Practice test is a series of materials designed to provide an opportunity for interested and potential candidates to view the type of questions that closely resemble the CMAS certification examination. Candidates could familiarize themselves with the format, and learn how the items are laid out based on the CMAS Body of Knowledge applying the cognitive levels of learning (Blooms Taxonomy). The practice tests do not represent the actual exams in length and content coverage.

Candidates are highly encouraged to prepare a comprehensive “study plan” using the CMAS Core Domain as the basis in planning topics to study and focus. In your study plan, create specific goals and establish realistic learning objectives. For example, you could plan your study goals according to topics you are least familiar with, or choose a topic based on the content weight of the core domain.  In our Newsletter Spring 2009, “Enhancing your levels of learning… are you ready”? Page 8-10, we outlined how you can prepare for the CMAS exams using one method. There are a variety of ways to learn – choose one that fits your style, your time and your ability to grasp theories and facts then translate them into problem-solving and or critical thinking concepts/scenarios.

Our profession is heavily based on regulatory and legislative rules and mandates; information is readily and publicly available on the web through official government websites particularly the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The AAMAS website is your one stop shop where you can obtain the information at your fingertips. Go to On-Demand Regulatory Updates and Helpful Auditing Resources and Links  for topics of importance to you accessible 24/7. In addition, pay attention to the weekly E-News you receive via email for up-to-date and fresh information from regulators and healthcare business industry experts. Need to catch up? Go to Members only and find the E-News Archives. Lastly, sign-up to the List-serve and learn from our peers on experiential and practical tips of the trade affecting the medical audit world. This is the best way to share and learn from each other. 



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