Who do I contact in regards to posting information on the AAMAS website?

We currently allow our members to post information on our website in regards to ads for employment or information on upcoming educational events that will be available to our membership. You may also post items in the Discussion section of our Forum in the Members Only area. If you are interested in placing information on the website please contact our Staff, at info@aamas.org.

I have a great idea for a speaker at our next conference. Who do I contact with this information?

AAMAS has a Program Committee that coordinates obtaining speakers for our National Conferences. We sincerely appreciate any suggestions or input from our membership in regards to any aspect of our National Conferences. Please contact our Program Chair, at info@aamas.org with this type of information.

I want to get involved but I am not sure in what area and would need to know the time commitment involved. Where can I obtain this information?

AAMAS has a Mentoring Program which allows a member to be an intern of a current Board Member position or Committee Chair position so a member can see exactly what is involved in the position and what the time commitment would be. The intern requirements are that a person be a member in good standing, commit to participation for one year, and attend one on-site Board meeting and three conference call Board meetings in the year of participation. One half of the room rate for one night for the Board meeting preceding or following a conference will be reimbursed to the intern. If you are interested in applying for an intern position please contact our Vice-President, at vicepresident@aamas.org. If you are interested in serving on a Committee please send an email to AAMAS staff with the committee(s) you are interested in listed or contact the committee chairperson. If you are interested in running for an office, contact our Nominating Chairperson, at info@aamas.org.

My check for membership or conference fees has not been cashed. Who do I contact?

The AAMAS staff handles all registration and fees and is responsible for all mailings to our membership. If you have questions, please contact them at info@aamas.org.

I haven’t received my membership directory.

Hard copy membership directories are no longer produced. You may use the searchable directory or print the pdf version in the Members Only Area.


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