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AAMAS Mission Statement

AAMAS provides resources and support to advance the practice of medical audit.

AAMAS Vision Statement

The voice of the medical audit community.

AAMAS Ethics Statement

AAMAS promotes a culture of professionalism that upholds the principles of integrity, the promotion of competency, legislative and regulatory compliance, and the personal and professional standards of conduct of the clinical financial auditor.

Medical Audit Definition

Medical Audit is a process that is integrated throughout the revenue cycle to meet the national healthcare compliance standards. Its scope includes but is not limited to:

  • case management
  • healthcare informatics
  • charge data master review
  • healthcare reimbursement
  • cost containment
  • special investigations
  • health information management
  • utilization management

AAMAS is administered by an elected board of directors and appointed committees.
AAMAS is governed by Bylaws approved by the general membership. Click here to view those Bylaws.


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