CMAS® Certification Program

Through professional certification, legitimacy is bestowed upon a body of work and a separate and unique entity becomes established. In addition, a profession is able to establish a code of conduct, standards, and expectations for behavior. Certification of medical auditors as specialists provides a standard set of expectations for employers and provides a quality assurance mechanism for the establishment of formal medical audit programs.

The American Association of Medical Audit Specialists is the parent organization of the Certification Council for Medical Audit Specialists and is the sole credentialing authority for Certified Medical Audit Specialists (CMAS)® . The Certification Council, an independent group of AAMAS members, has been administering the CMAS® examination since 2000. The Council is dedicated to maintaining the standards set forth by AAMAS and the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA). The Certification Council officers, members and consultants maintain and update the testing context as laws and regulations change, screen candidates, conduct surveys for appropriateness of testing material, and maintain the registry of exam participants. The CMAS® examination is held each year during our annual Spring conference. We also provide for alternate test sites at other times.

Earning the designation as a CMAS® demonstrates an acquired body of knowledge and expertise in the field of medical audit. To learn more about becoming CMAS® click here.

Certification Program


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